A Grab Bag of Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts for the week...

  • Invest in the Arts - Ellis' current album is underway!

  • Support the Arts - Ellis' is always looking for Angels to help her out.

  • I must be getting old. I bought an NFL-sized football yesterday and played catch with P for an hour last night. This morning my back is so sore, you'd think I'd actually played a game. I can't imagine what the old pros (in their 30s) feel like every Monday morning.

  • I enjoy ice skating. Work had an employee outing at the Ashburn Ice House yesterday afternoon. The rental skates pretty much sucked, but it was still fun. Perhaps it's time to see if the Fairfax rink has open skate times, too.

  • I'm increasingly inclined toward pursuing a PhD in Psychology. I'm fascinated by the tricks our minds play on us, and wonder if we can learn to battle those tricks to better ensure success in life. I'd love to apply what I learn about the brain to peoples' perceptions of security, as well as learn how to help professionals be successful in whatever they do (sports psychology and the like).

  • It's very important to be nice to people, even if you don't feel like it, or don't feel they deserve it. Tying into the psychology point above, I'm trying to learn to control negative reactions to change, people, etc., so as to be nice.

  • There may be actual, legitimate interest in my thesis work. I think it's time to begin writing that journal article.

  • Though a bit odd, the XKCD comic is one of my favorites.

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