*yawn* Hump Day, Finally

I keep asking myself "Is it Friday yet?" I don't know what it is about this week - maybe the colder temps (actual winter weather for a change) - but I'm just having a tough time this week. Getting up in the morning has been a chore and require a major act of willpower. Going to work out has been challenging. It's just kind of a general malaise. I'm sure I'll get back to posting something more interesting soon. Until then, sorry to disappoint the one reader I have (yeah, that'd be me).

Rest of the week looks like this:
Thursday - climb @ SportRock
Friday - flag football @ Dulles Sportsplex (allegedly)
--> backup plan: running (maybe 4.5 to make up for my abysmal run tonight)
Saturday - lift legs, maybe run PM
Sunday - SUPER BOWL!!! Oh, and tennis in the morning...

I could go on and on... droning... :)

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