Big Red Arrives!!! :)

DSCF3661-sm.jpgAs previously announced, I decided it was time to upgrade my workout arsenal. Well, I'd now like to officially welcome Big Red, a 32kg (that's 72lbs for us Yanks) Russian Red kettlebell, into my family! :) Woohoo! My muscles are already a little sore just from unpacking it, moving it around for a couple quick pictures, and trying a few swings. I don't expect to be doing presses, snatches, or Turkish getups with it anytime soon, but it sure is cool! :)

Phase 1: Acquire Big, Red Hunk of Steel - Complete
Phase 2: Begin Swinging Big, Red Hunk of Steel - Pending
Phase 3: Begin Pressing Big, Red Hunk of Steel - Future
Phase 4: Demonstrate Ãœber KB 1337ness & Pass RKC - 2008/2009 Goal :)

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