"The Week" on Black Holes and End Times :)

The brief editorial included by Editor-in-Chief William Falk in this week's edition of "The Week" is quite amusing. Apparently a scientist in Hawaii has filed a lawsuit seeking a stop-work order against the Large Hadron Collider in Europe, because he fears that its use will cause "an irreversible implosion" that will result in "forming a miniature version of a gigantic black hole." He suggests that once a few of these mini black holes are created, they'll converge and begin to grow and suck in everything around them. Other scientists aren't too concerned, says Falk:

"Pshaw, say the particle physicists who run the collider. They've already run the equations, and any micro-black holes they might create would vanish in a nanosecond. Perhaps so. But scientists have been known to be wrong. So I suggest that starting today, we all live as if the End is near. Tell your friends and family members how you really feel about them. Leave work early. Go watch the sun set. And look at the bright side: Everything you know and love may be annihilated, but wouldn't that be a small price to pay to finally put an end to the Democratic presidential campaign?" [emphasis added]


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