Good Commentary on Airport Security Insanity

Courtesy my father, and from a rather conservative corner of the blogosphere. This article by Walter Williams provides a very pointed critique of TSA and why most of is in the security industry find the whole theater absolutely nauseating. My favorite quote:

"The bulk of the people hassled by these and other TSA procedures are law-abiding Americans who have no malicious intentions, along with a few people traveling with drugs and other contraband. The TSA routinely confiscates about 15,000 items a day from passengers, in addition to the hassle, rudeness and arrogance. With these kind of costs imposed on the traveling public, I'd like TSA to give an account of themselves, namely just how many hijackings or bombings they have prevented, along with the evidence. Americans have been far too compliant and that has given the TSA carte blanche to treat travelers any way they wish."

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