More Indications of the Coming Ice Age...

My original predictions of 2010 may be off by a couple years. It's starting to sound more like 2012 could be the year of interest. I base this on the belief, supported by NASA, that the magnetic poles are indeed shifting, and will undergo a complete and dramatic shift by 2012. Non-scientifically, it's also interesting to note that the Mayan prophecy most often correlated with the silliness that is the crystal skulls conspiracy also points to 2012. Previous Mayan predictions have apparently been reasonably accurate. I'm also told Nostradamus has a prediction for around 2012. Anyway... I know, I know... how much stock should one put into these conspiracies and prophecies, right? Well, I revert back to science, and point out that when the magnetic poles flip, they tend to cause big changes in the planet, based on geophysical history derived from various core samples, among other things.

Today, there is a new bit of information that, if found to be a consistent pattern, may also reinforce the thought that an ice age is coming. According to an article on slashdot, the sun has entered an extended period with no sunspot activity. The last time a true extended period of no sunspot activity occurred corresponds with the last mini ice age in the last half of the 17th century. Perhaps just one more piece of info to make us consider that there is more than just global climate change at play in the world.

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