Sudden Climate Change is Normal

There's an interesting article on the SciAm website today about the results of ice core analysis from northern Greenland. Apparently climate changes have happened quite suddenly in the past, and it wasn't catastrophic. Of course, the global warming worry-wart alarmists then read this research and say:

"The question that arises from such findings is: How come the Greenland ice sheet at such a low latitude has remained so stable during the present interglacial [period] until now?" says study co-author and geochemist Claude Hillaire-Marcel of the University of Quebec in Montreal. "In view of the past instability—and sensitivity to temperature—of Greenland ice, serious concerns about its future under global warming stress do emerge."

Now, call me crazy ("crazy!"), but you can't have it both ways. Now they're suddenly concerned that the Greenland ice shelf has been too stable?!?!? And then they of course link it back to the doom and gloom typical of the global warming crowd.

Hey, guess what? Global climate change is normal. As is shifting magnetic poles. As is life and death. As are ice ages, volcanoes, earthquakes, sun spots, solar winds, asteroids/meteorites, and so on and so forth. The answer to the question "Are we going to die?" is always "yes" - it's just a question of when, not if. In terms of the alarmism associated with the global warming zealots, and their obsession with curbing emissions for the sake of curbing emissions (rather than focusing on the fiscal realities and how to leverage them to cause real, meaningful change), my message is to stay calm and to begin preparing for extreme weather, up to and including a major ice age event, over the next 20 years (as early as 2010-2012).

And, btw, in case anybody was wondering, it seems that the VP lied about the Chinese drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. And, conducting our own drilling out there is not going to solve any sort of energy crisis over the next 10 years, because it will take (at least) 10 years for any new wells to enter production, at which point the crisis will be so severe that the time and money will have been wasted. So, get over it already. Really.

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