Skip Tropic Thunder

The wife and I thought that we'd catch an early evening movie. She thought that Ben Stiller's latest lunacy, Tropic Thunder, looked amusing in the previews, so we gave it a go. Boy, what a mistake! I should have known from the size and depth of the ensemble cast that it was going to be bad, but this was absolutely horrendous.

As a public service to the two of you who might accidentally read this blog, I provide you with three reasons not to go see it:

#1: It's not funny. Seriously. The trailer had all the funny parts. Everything else is just plain stupid or mean or ugly or all of the above.

#2: There's more cursing than a Denis Leary stand-up act. Seriously. More than every-other-word during most scenes are cusses. It's was unnecessarily excessive.

#3: The controversy is valid, it is insensitive to the mentally challenged. Seriously. If you've not heard about the controversy, just Google the movie title. The groups were right to protest. They literally make fun of Stiller's mentally challenged character using derogatory terms denoting a mentally challenged individual. It's just tasteless.

Now, none of us should be surprised by any of this. It is, after all, a Ben Stiller movie. Well, except for the language. I don't ever recall so much profanity crammed into his movies. You should do yourself and your family a favor and simply skip this rubbish. Go watch Dark Knight again or something.

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