A Couple Feed Updates

Hello. I wanted to provide a couple updates on feeds. First, before I do that, I wanted to mention that, yes, I'm planning to move back to full post delivery in 2009, just as soon as we can get MT upgraded. Anyway, that being said...

Feedburner has been gobbled by Google. As such, if you're subscribed directly to this blog, then please update to my new Google feed:

Second, if you're a subscriber to the Security Blogger Network feed, then you've likely already read that their feeds were also impacted by the Feedburner acquisition. As such, please make sure that you've updated your subscription to reflect the new address:

Lastly, I know nobody will read this far, but just the same, if you feel so inclined, please participate in the first ever Social Security Awards. This is an award hosted by SBN for security bloggers. If you were going to vote for me *ahem* I think I'd best fit under either "Best Non-Technical Security Blog" or "Most Entertaining Security Blog". :) Or not, whatever. :) Vote here:

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