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Does anybody remember Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Mind" Ventura? One of his endearing qualities (yes, being a bit sarcastic here) was his absolute disdain for the mainstream media. His comments toward the press corp could be described as nothing less than pure vitriol. Put mildly, he didn't like them... and, it was absolutely the most ridiculous thing in the entire world. His antics were amplified by the media, building him into the political success that he was. A former entertainer, I still believe to this day that he knew full well that riling up the press would guarantee sales of his books.

Well, it should then come as no surprise that el grande Presidente is now taking a page out of Ventura's playbook. Unfortunately, not having the entertainment background, his subtle jab comes off as nothing more than passive aggressive lunacy. Because, you know, all of his problems with leading the country must be a result of someone else. He's certainly done a stellar job thus far. It's not like he's the "decider" or anythi... er, wait... hmmm.... :)

Hat tip to Think Progress...

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