Warmonger (noun): See Norman Podhoretz

war·mon·ger      (wôr'mÅ­ng'gÉ™r, -mŏng'-)
    n. One who advocates or attempts to stir up war.
    source: Dictionary.com

"Warmongering Proneness" is a psychological trait and a measure of an individual's susceptibility to warmongering rhetoric and posturing.
source: Wikipedia

I don't think I'd care about this wing-nut if it weren't for the fact that he's had a recent closed-door 1-on-1 meeting with el grande Presidente and is listed as a foreign policy advisor to GOP front-runner Giuliani. I get nervous when lunatics are given air time and potentially being taken seriously.

Here's the trigger for today's rant on the lunacy. I think Zakaria makes an interesting point, too, that since 9/11 the US has invaded 2 Muslim countries. If we were to invade Iran, that would make 3 invasions of Muslim countries during the Bush regime. If Muslims are still potentially harboring ill-will over the invasion of 1 city (Jerusalem) during the Crusades, imagine the ill-will that invading 2 - possibly 3 - entire countries must be generating. *sigh*

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