More Travel This Week...

Just a quick note... I'll be on travel a the first half of this week, so I may or may not have much to post. I'm still working on recovering from RSA and compiling notes for posting a full-on reflection piece. That may get done in transit tomorrow. Or not. We'll see. :) There are actually a few topics to bounce about when I get back. First, I need some sleep and energy. :)

As an fyi, I'm sure many of you have wondered "Hey, Ben, you advocate kettlebells for exercise, yet they don't seem like they'd travel well. What do you do?" The answer is in the below link for Pavel's book "The Naked Warrior." It teaches a couple key body-weight-only exercises that you can use to continue building strength while on the road, no kettlebells required. Coupled with all the hiking around San Fran last week, I actually lost a couple pounds while my legs got stronger. Not too shabby.

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