Rant: Bitter About the Spin...

Good grief people, are the Clinton lovers really so desperate that they have to go into lame character assassination mode? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, this whole Obama vs Clinton thing is highly personal and an attack on the foundations of modern society. Whatever. People have been waiting to pounce on a little opportunity like this. Don't forget, though, that he's still in the lead.

Anyway, my own complaining aside, here's the deal: Obama is a very smart, well-educated, former professor. What some people may interpret as arrogance, particularly with the whole "bitter" quote, is in fact a projection of their own feelings or insuperiority by comparison. Don't hate or deride the man because he's smart and sometimes uses big words when he speaks. Embrace him for being a refreshing alternative to either of the other candidates. And let the guy slip up once and while. At least he wasn't lying about being under fire in Bosnia...

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