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There's been some chatter lately about the blog posts tailing off across the industry, possibly due to an increase in Twitter use. The decreased blogging rate is definitely evident as my daily RSS reading has dropped from about a hundred posts to 2-3 dozen. Some have questioned this effect in terms akin to pondering the collapse of learned society (which, honestly, is already upon us;). Suffice to say, I've been meaning to blog for a while, but have simply not had the time, energy, or impetus to so. That's about to change, though.

Anyway, without getting dragged into it to much, let me toss out a few theories:
* People are tired: It seemed like a long, hard winter, didn't it? And Spring has been rather odd (we hit 90 on May 1st, which is not normal here). Spring is always tough for me, personally, as the sun comes and goes, almost teasingly.
* People are depressed: Have you thought much about the state of the security industry lately? I mean, seriously...
* People are busy: The good news is that there has not been a shortage of work lately. Oftentimes there's too much work. I don't know if infosec is a good economic leading indicator, but if it is, then there's much to be happy about.
* People are out of ideas: Sometimes we get in a rut. In our case, the rut is going on, what? 15 years? More? ;)
* People are burned out: Take busy, add depressed, and viola! you get burned out. Or you look at the state of the economy (nationally, regionally, and globally), and then add in all the other insanity in life (tornados, oil spills, earthquakes, war, violence, etc., etc., etc.) and it's easy to see people getting fried. Not to worry, though... Micky D's seems to always be hiring...

For me, personally, it's been a combination of the above. My blogging has dropped off precipitously the last couple months (post-RSA, basically) as I got heads-down on project work, as I went through a couple rounds of sickness (myself and in the family), and as I struggled with exhaustion and depression over the state of this industry. To be quite honest, the security industry rather blows as of late, leaving little to be upbeat about. It's a wonder our industry doesn't supplant dentistry in the suicide rates.

At any rate, I'm finally coming out of the fog, so be prepared for a flurry of new posts as my brain re-engages and begins churning out new ideas. In the meantime, if you miss me too much, then you can always drop me a line and hire me (via Gemini) to do a little work. ;)

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hey Huck, glad to see you back in the fold. Keep blogging and thanks!

I enjoyed the visit here on the site. Well done.

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